Friday, July 16, 2010

Across the Universe: OMGGZ


Yes, friends, it's Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe, the Nordstrom Exclusive. My Nordstrom only had 3, I basically peed my pants when I bought it. I got it yesterday and it was sort of a back door deal since the sale didn't officially start until today, but somehow my good karma paid off, and BOY IS IT SWEET.

I've never used Lippmann Collection polishes before, the $18 price tag isn't exactly poor-college-student friendly. The formula was fab, however, and the brush easy to work with. Despite being a chunky glitter the base is a jelly, allowing the hexagonal glitter on your first coat to shine through, in this neat effect that would seem only possible in the wizarding world. Like I imagine Hermione Granger wears this polish, except in the wizarding world the glitter moves on its own. (NERD).

What kills me about this polish though, besides the glittergasm of small glitter particles mixed with larger hexagonal particles, is the fact that some of the hexagon glitter is GREEN. Uh, yeah, you heard me right. Multi-color and multi-size glitter? SHUT. UP.

Basically, I died. I died like a thousand happy deaths and I'm still excited about it. I have a few swatches, but you'll have to excuse my dreadful cuticles, with eczema it's hard to have moisturized hands let alone cuticles. One day, cuticles, you shall be mine!

three coats, topped with one coat of seche

I'm still dying over this polish. However because of its limited availability and exorbitant price tag, I'd skip it. There are plenty of other beautiful blue sparkly glittergasm-inducing polishes. 

ALSO: This is my very first post, I hope to update regularly but we shall see. Also, thanks to all my A Phi's and housemates, who constantly have to put up with my nail blabber. 


  1. Saweet! Great post. I have studiously avoided the Lippmann polishes for the price factor, but have been drooling over the Bad Romance one anyway.

    Also, I found Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure at a Walgreens in Portland! It's everything they say it is and more!

  2. I love this. Also I love you. One day I'll graduate from black nail polish. You are basically my inspiration.


  3. YES. Emi this is a solid first post, I loved it. I also love the name and info. I see nothing wrong with being vain and narcissistic. But this is why we get along.


  4. This is great! I love it!